Pearl Area of Valorant: Wall and Smoke Strategies for Viper

Pearl Area of Valorant: Wall and Smoke Strategies for Viper

Right now you are in the Pearl area of Valorant. This map has a lot of different kinds of tasks, like tight corners, long, narrow paths, and a big Mid area. People who want to be the best at using the hybrid agent Viper need to know everything there is to know about the game. For Pearl to work, Viper is a key member of your team. With Toxic Screen, she can block lines of sight, and Snake Bite can stop rushes.

Pearl Area of Valorant: Viper’s Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen, when paired, work wonders.

The most powerful things Vicious Viper can do are Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud. These skills can make a lot of changes to the Pearl arena. This is the same thing she does when she changes maps like Breeze and Icebox. Your team might do better if they learn how to use these skills in the right way.

Pearl Area of Valorant: When you attack with a viper, the poison comes out.

A Site Assault: A Planned Start

  • Place to start: a restaurant
  • To start the round, go to A Restaurant.
  • Put up a toxic screen in front of a secret to hide a link and some flowers.
  • You can use Poison Cloud at A Secret to block the guards’ view if you want to.
  • Execution Tips: Quick and Smart
  • Due to Viper’s limited fuel, you need to move quickly after setting up both wall and smoke.
  • Work together with a second controller to make Viper more powerful for a stronger plan.

Between A and B Push: Split and Take Over

  • Control of the middle plaza: the base
  • Take control of the Mid Plaza.
  • To get from Mid Plaza to A Secret, cast Toxic Screen.
  • To get extra cover, use Poison Cloud at Mid Connector before triggering Toxic Screen.
  • Disrupting Defenders is a strategic advantage.
  • By dividing the A site with the wall, you make it harder for defenses to guess when you’ll attack.
  • Other people on the team can use the chance to put pressure on from A Main at the same time.

Mid to B Tactics: Moves with great accuracy

  • After protecting Mid Plaza, go through the Mid Doors.
  • Aim the toxic screen at the door to B Hall to cover the whole B Site.
  • Controlled chaos at B Site Invasion

Pearl Area of Valorant: B Approach on the Ramp: Tactical Deployment

  • Before going down the B Ramp, cast the Toxic Screen.
  • Point the smoke from the walls at the middle of B Hall.
  • Use Poison Cloud wisely near the side of B Hall by B Screen.
  • Execution Reminder: Useful and on time
  • Carefully plan your attack and keep an eye on Viper’s fuel tank so you don’t get caught off guard.

Viper Defense: Strengthening Positions

A Site Defense: Vision Block with Multiple Facets

  • Flexible Vision Block: Mastery of the Mid Doors
  • Toxic Screen should be aimed at A Main from the Mid Doors.
  • Block Mid Doors, A Link, and A Main at the same time to stop attackers from trying a split push.

B Site Defense: Strategic Watchfulness

  • Smart Ways to Use the Toxic Screen: B Ramp Defense
  • Put up a Toxic Screen from the left of the Mid Connector door towards B Main to block the view of the B Ramp.
  • Work with your partners to plan the timing of where to put the wall.
  • To keep the enemy team from moving, you might want to hold B Main with an Operator before starting the wall.

Handling Rushes: How to Master Snake Bite

Set up Snake Bite Molly to stop attackers who are trying to rush either spot.

Your team might have an advantage in battle if they can learn how to use Viper‘s wall and smoke moves on Pearl. You should try out a lot of different sets. Make sure you can work with your friends without any issues. Always keep your resources in mind if you want to do well on this hard and always-changing stage. Because you know so much about SLOT DEPO 10K Viper, the Pearl crowd will remember you for a long time.